These types of accidents and fatalities have increased dramatically in the Metropolitan area.

According to the Detroit Free Press and USA Today Network, pedestrian fatalities nationally have risen 46% since 2009.  Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles on America’s roads in 2016.

Much of the blame for this is placed on distracted driving.  Primarily, it is thought that this increase is largely tied to people texting while they are driving or using their cell phone.  Some of the accidents have been blamed on distracted pedestrians.  In fact, Honolulu, Hawaii recently passed a law against walking and texting while crossing a street.

Malin & Kutinsky urge you not to text while driving.  Almost everyone agrees it is a bad idea, yet the great majority of us do text and drive.


Do you start and stop the engine of your vehicle using a push button?

This feature on vehicles has become very prevalent over the last number of years.  Unfortunately, it is easy to inadvertently leave a vehicle running due to a quiet engine and the lost reflex of turning a mechanical key.

28 people are known to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning since 2006 after inadvertently leaving a keyless vehicle running.

None of these deaths should have occurred.  It would be incredibly easy for a manufacturer to specify an audible warning to alert a driver getting out of their car that the motor was still running.  A vehicle could easily be made to sound the horn if the driver’s door is open while the car is still running and the key fob is removed from the vehicle.

There is simply no reason not to engineer such a simple fix to prevent carbon monoxide deaths from keyless vehicles.


According to the Office of Highway Safety Planning, in 2017 there were 78,394 injuries reported as the result of traffic accidents.  There were a total of 314,921 reported crashes.

There were a total of 54,920 crashes in Wayne County; 41, 783 in Oakland County; and 25,385 in Macomb County.

The county with the most traffic fatalities was Wayne County with 159, followed by Oakland County and Kent County, each with 69.